J!NX reveals initial designs of apparel & other products

14 Sep '06
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J!NX, the leading lifestyle brand for people who are intoxicated by gadgets, computers, games, and all things technical, revealed the initial designs of their much-anticipated official World of Warcraft apparel, hats, stickers, pins, buttons and patches.

World of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment's massively multiplayer online role-playing game, is a global sensation, boasting a customer base of more than 6.5 million active players worldwide. With the award of the World of Warcraft license, anticipation for the J!NX World of Warcraft apparel amongst fans has been very high.

J!NX announced that the initial lineup of 39 designs for men and women, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, stickers, buttons, and patches, will be available for preorder on September 1st.

"Unlike traditional epic gear, which can require an in-game instance or raid run and a dose of luck, the J!NX World of Warcraft swag will be available to players of any level," jokes Sean "Jinx" Gailey, Creative Director for J!NX. "And these initial designs are only the beginning. We plan on releasing new World of Warcraft clothing, as well as gear based on other Blizzard games, such as Diablo® and StarCraft®, on a regular basis."

The World of Warcraft designs will join J!NX's current lineup of more than 300 products focused on technology and the gaming sub-culture. J!NX's brand of irreverent clothing is a staple in gamers' wardrobes worldwide and has been seen as a regular element of the hosts' attire on G4, spotted on SpikeTV, in the 2006 video-game movie Grandma's Boy, produced by Adam Sandler, and most recently on the hit NBC sitcom Scrubs."

J!NX is a lifestyle brand representing people who are intoxicated by gadgets, computers, games, and all things technical. J!NX creates unique apparel that enables customers to demonstrate their intelligence, uniqueness, leadership and wily mischief. More than just a clothing company, J!NX is an attitude and, most importantly, a community.

J!NX Inc

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