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07 Feb '08
3 min read has released an array of new or redesigned items that help men of all ages look slimmer, maintain better posture or receive support for back problems, hernias or gynecomastia.

Underworks has added more compression to its Zip 'n Trim line of control briefs so that wearers will have a trimmer midsection, rear and hips as well as increased back support. Also, customers can now choose between briefs with a three-inch, six-inch or a ten-inch high reinforced elastic waistband.

The Zip 'n Trim briefs can be purchased alone or as a set with a new matching body shirt, specially designed for customers with the medical condition gynecomastia. The shirt's nylon knit and Lycra spandex material is flexible but effectively smoothes out bulges in the upper body while providing support along wearers' backs.

The online store's new series of Concealer tops offer even more options for the upper body. Concealer shirts look like regular cotton tanks, muscle shirts and T-shirts but include layers of nylon spandex knit that discreetly bind the chest, flatten the stomach and provide back support.

"We speak with a lot of mothers whose 13- to 15-year-olds are getting teased because of conditions like gynecomastia," said Nash Abi, owner of Underworks.

"Our best recommendation has been the Concealer shirts, and their boys no longer have to wear sweatshirts in the summer to hide the condition." He also receives orders from baby boomers and expects an increase as men of that generation grow older and experience slower metabolism rates.

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