Radici launches Bacteriostatic fiber for skin protection

09 Feb '06
2 min read

Polyester products manufacturer RadiciGroup presents a new new bacteriostatic performance for polyester yarns.

The yarn guarantees unique, long-lasting performance:
Hypoallergenic effect: the silver additive is anchored to the fibre during production and, thanks to the natural qualities of silver, does not migrate onto skin and does not irritate.

This characteristic ensures that the bacterial flora on the skin maintains healthy, natural levels, and therefore prevents the development of allergies.

Long-lasting antibacterial effect: the inclusion of silver ions occurs directly in the fibre during the production process. This ensures that the product is firmly anchored to the fibre itself, and therefore has a long-lasting effect without being dispersed into the surrounding environment.

The yarn works by eliminating only surplus bacteria. The process on which it is based both inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria in excess of normal, healthy levels, and preserves the bacterial flora normally present on the skin surface.

This is a gentle process, unlike other disinfection methods that completely eliminate the bacterial flora in a harsh and invasive manner, which can lead to allergies.

The hypoallergenic combination of properties results in a tangible improvement in skin wellbeing thanks to a reduction in allergies and unpleasant odours, whilst also increasing the level of hygiene of the clothes.

RadiciFibres offers complete solutions, both from the point of view of technology and of product characteristics, to meet the demands of apparel and furnishing producers and to satisfy the needs of the most demanding brands. RadiciGroup's activities are managed through its Business Units - Chemicals, Plastics, Fibres, Textiles and Auxiliary.


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