Sarin Technologies incorporates New GIA cut grading system 'DiaVision'

17 May '05
2 min read

A worldwide leader in development & manufacturing of advanced planning, evaluation and measurement systems for diamond & gemstone production company Sarin Technologies to brings new software for diamonds grading.

Sarin Technologies revealed today that it would soon incorporate the new GIA cut grading system in its DiaVision product for grading and re-cutting polished diamonds and in Advisor, the company`s rough diamond planning software.

These new programs will work on most of Sarin's existing machines, allowing them to continue to increase their productivity with only a software upgrade. GIA president, Bill Boyajian, announced the cooperation between The Gemological Institute of America and Sarin during his presentation at the recent Basel show.

The new GIA cut grading system is the result of several years of research on the way light behaves within diamonds and the relation between diamond proportions and its appearance. One of the conclusions of this research, implemented in the new grading system, is that diamonds of different appearance may still yield a top cut grade, allowing for higher potential rough yield for manufacturers, while providing the necessary flexibility to diamond traders and retailers who need to accommodate changing market needs.

``We are excited to be able to cooperate with GIA, the world's leading gem lab and gemological authority,`` said Udi Lederer, Sarin Product Manager. ``We look forward to continue serving our worldwide clients in the gem lab, manufacturing, and diamond retail industries by allowing them to increase their productivity while minimizing manufacturing, grading, and trading errors.``

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