David Shah crafts six fashion trends for MarediModa

06 Jun '14
4 min read

It is spring 2015 and one finally looks up, blinking and disorientated, from his screens. He suddenly realizes what he has been missing out on in his digital life and really need to do – and that’s travel! One seeks intense experiences in real or magical settings; one jumps at the idea of escapist worlds, of heightened or dream-like reality. 
Each of the six fashion trends for 2015 takes to a place, real or imagined, past or future. Once there, one can immerse oneself in the spirit of the locality and through that intense experience find energy and optimism to bring colour back into lives.
All four beachwear trends are light hearted and playful: Hollywood Pool is glamorous, the place for our inner diva; Art Colony is a place of vibrant, art school creativity; Vintage Beach finds in nostalgic Sicily; and Atlantis is the magical, mysterious world of Neptune’s daughters.
The first of the two lingerie chapters finds in Fantasia, a place of futuristic glamour, strange and extroverted, where one has free rein to encounter everything wonderful whereas the other, Montmartre, is Paris, just as Toulouse Lautrec was painting his nightlife scenes. 
The trends are exclusively created by David Shah & the View Team for MarediModa:
Hollywood pool
These are the places where the jet sets congregate - poolside, cocktail glass in manicured hand, looking spectacular. From Monte Carlo to Beverly Hills, Las Vegas to Bollywood, the glitterati celebrate the summer season (and their toned and well-groomed bodies) in extravagant and exciting style.
With the confident nonchalance of movie stars, these divine beings shimmer and sparkle in golden metallic swimsuits, bejewelled and accessorized. Others parade in vintage floral, structured beachwear, while the more sultry prowl, languidly in wildlife-patterned, sensual swimwear. Dress code for the event: fabulous!
Art colony
This is a young look, clever and creative, that takes swimwear forward by pushing the boundaries of shape and colour. Intellectual, free wheeling play on Pop Art graphics and Roy Lichtenstein cartoons, combined with an adventurous use of technical fabrics leads to surprising and eye-catching designs with energizing graphics. The experimentation continues as astonishing breakthroughs in digital printing allow luminous, kaleidoscopic colour effects, multi-layered patterns, metallic finishes and unique garments. This is the future and it is in glorious Technicolor!

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