Charles & Colvard puts its quality stamp on Moissanite jewels

29 Jun '05
2 min read

One and only sole source of moissanite a lab created jewel available for use in fine jewelry Charles & Colvard reaffirmed its uniform quality control standards in order to build confidence and eliminate confusion around questions of multiple moissanite quality grades.

Charles & Colvard is the sole worldwide manufacturer and distributor of moissanite, a near-colorless jewel with more fire and brilliance than any other hard gem or jewel.

According to Bob Thomas, president and chief executive officer of Charles & Colvard, a very small number of retailers have been misrepresenting the quality of the moissanite they are selling in comparison to moissanite sold in other retail outlets.

"It is completely untrue for a retailer to insinuate the moissanite jewels they sell are of a higher quality than those found at other outlets. There is the one, and only one, grade for moissanite and every manufacturer receives the same high quality jewels," stated Thomas.

"All the moissanite available on the market has met Charles & Colvard's stringent quality control specifications. Only gem quality moissanite makes its way into the marketplace."

Charles & Colvard is the only company in the world creating moissanite jewels and it possesses both U.S. and international patents on the proprietary process. Charles & Colvard distributes the jewels to manufacturers and distributors in the jewelry industry.

"As the sole source of moissanite, Charles & Colvard takes the quality standards of our jewel very seriously. We are actively working with retailers to ensure that consumers understand the uniform high quality of all our single grade of jewels.

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