Japan overtakes France as a global fashion destination

09 Aug '05
2 min read

Japan is fast emerging as a global culture and fashion destination, replacing France. The way Americans are taking to learing Japanese language is the sign of times changing trying to get a toe hold of current Japanese fashions, speaks volumes of time to come in Japan.

Global fashion and cultural leaders view Japan's current progress akin to Paris, the French capital of the 1920s that was a centre of attraction; a source of inspiration and creativity.

Chief Executive Officer for Tokyo pop, a manga (Japanese-style comic books) publisher in Los Angeles, Stuart Levy stated that the trendy young American generation is looking at Japan much the same way as the generation then looked up to France.

Loic Bizel, a self-styled style-industry tour guide and market pulse-taker from Lyons lamented and accepted the fact that France no longer remained the fashion capital of the world, and had no trend setters currently, except for a Dior. Japanese fashion emerges from a few square blocks of west-central Tokyo known as Harajuku. One can catch a glimpse of contemporary Japan as passerby display styles, colors and accessories that will put any so called Parisians to shame. Beside, resurgent economy seems to allow the average Japanese to indulge in extravagancies that were a strictly no-no what with their rich and tradition seeped culture.

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