Charlotte Russe walk to Business Objects for BI solutions

11 Aug '05
4 min read

San Diego based growing mall-based fashion retailer Charlotte Russe Holding Inc knows a thing or two about fashion. With hundreds of stores across the US and a thriving internet business, Charlotte Russe, and its sister store, Rampage, are a first stop for the fashion minded.

To learn more about what's selling and what's staying on the racks, Charlotte Russe has turned to Business Objects the world's leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions. Charlotte Russe has standardized on Business Objects solutions, with deployments across the company, in the merchandizing areas including buying and inventory management, accounting, and distribution departments.

From a sales perspective, Business Objects is key to helping Charlotte Russe and Rampage buyers spot trends among its customers' buying patterns and habits. Business Objects helps the company's buyers learn early whether a particular item is selling well so it can make sure it is stocked in stores and ready for purchase. For example, based on reports built with Business Objects solutions, the Rampage merchant team saw a trend that its new footwear line was popular and selling rapidly. The company took immediate action to expand the line, and therefore improve company sales and profitability.

Charlotte Russe also uses Business Objects to carefully examine inventory in terms of product age. The company must always keep its finger on the pulse of new fashion by ensuring that new and up-to-date looks are regularly cycled into its stores and available for purchase. With Business Objects, Charlotte Russe keeps track of inventory in terms of the length of time it's been in the stores, whether it's 30-to-60 days, or 60-to-90 days old. Based on the amount of "aged inventory," managers make decisions on pricing and liquidation by marking down older goods to make room for up-to-date merchandise.

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