TLF teams with Italian designer duo for Spring/Summer 2007colour trends

19 Sep '05
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Leather industry servicing company TFL Holding GmbH (TFL) in association with the two Italian designers Carmen Rimoldi and Sergio Belloni, TFL has released its new Colour Trends & Fashion Inspirations catalogue for leather for the spring/summer 2007 season. The main asset of this catalogue for TFL's customers is that it is published 21 months in advance of the retail season.

The colour preferences in TFL's “Colour Trends & Fashion Inspirations” are divided up into three categories: Chic, Classic and Casual. Styling directions, as well as general fashion considerations and article trends are also included, together with leather samples and recipes from beamhouse through to finishing.

Along the lines of our lives, the spring/summer 2007 edition of the TFL Colour Trends & Fashion Inspirations deals with food as main topic. From slow food to fast food and organic food, Chic, Classic and Casual are inspired by the recently noticed tendency to favour our needs for indulgence. The meeting room becomes a dining table, stores install their own cafés and shopping turns more and more into a social event.

Chic shades are characterized by natural, vegetable tones with sunny touches to brighten up compositions. A taste rich in contrasts with colonial influences updated with technology.
Classic nuances cover cheerful, lively colours, with fruit as a central theme.

Tones of fruit and jelly with darker shades to ease in variations.

Casual shades comprise organic food hues, sweet and delicate, where pastries are the key note. The range consists of soft, sensual tones with contrasting touches to light up decorations.

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