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'correct' interpretation of Vlisco fabrics in modern way

26 Jul '10
3 min read

The 3rd year students Fashion Design of the ArtEZ Institute in Arnhem, the Netherlands developed the twelfth edition of Collection Arnhem. In this project the students jointly design a complete fashion collection. The main goal is to learn how to design and assemble a collection, as well as to produce, present and sell it. This year the collection was based on a collaboration with Vlisco. The result has been presented during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week, July 14-18.

Correct collection
The overall theme for this edition is 'correct'. Everybody thinks differently about correctness. The students have to combine all the different ideas into one vision. With their collection, the students brought their message across to follow the vision of the designer by inspiring people to wear the creations the way the designer intended.

The fashion collection showed a new kind of correctness, which could be found throughout the collection, both in style and symbols as in technique. For example the tie, the ultimate symbol of correctness, was used in a non traditional way.

Traditional designs in a modern way
The collection consisted mainly of Vlisco fabrics. In particular the fabrics with traditional origins, being classic Igbo designs in the well known ochre and red colours. These fabrics have been interpreted in a modern way by visionary techniques of draping and tying, giving the traditional designs a complete new look. It was interesting to see the students make a modern translation of the designs which Vlisco considers to be traditional.

Vlisco fabrics fit in perfectly with international fashion, but the students showed that also the traditional designs look amazing on the runway. Combined with other materials such as leather, wool and silk the collection results in surprising creations which complete a wardrobe with a city chic style.

Inspired by Vlisco product labels
Inspiration for the colour card was found in the Vlisco product labels which are put on the fabric, just before they leave the factory. Next to the ochre and intense red colours of the traditional Igbo designs, colours such as dark green, white and taupe were added to the collection.

Even the product labels itself and the sun from the Vlisco logo, were part of the collection, using them as applications. So the students have spreaded their vision, which was strongly influenced by the inspiration they found in the Vlisco brand in all her facets.

Vlisco and education
Vlisco is also involved in other educational programs. Since one and a half year Vlisco organizes courses which are called 'Tailor Academies'. These courses are given by Vlisco to African tailors and stylists.

They learn about all the different aspects of the Vlisco fabrics, how to create internationally oriented outfits that are in line with the Vlisco brand and also numerous sewing techniques are explained and demonstrated. By doing this, Vlisco shows her involvement in education and creates a bond with those who are working with Vlisco fabrics to achieve the best results for their clients.

Vlisco BV is part of Gamma Holding, a listed company in the Netherlands. Vlisco has been designing & producing exclusive fabrics and fashion in Helmond, the Netherlands, since 1846.

Vlisco BV

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