Sluggish denim exports in Feb 2006

March 20, 2006 - Brazil

Brazil has always been one of the major manufacturers of denim in the world, with exports pegged within the range of around 300,00-350,00 tons of cotton denim fabric each year and greater part of the output consumed in local markets.

However, denim exports dropped by over 4.9 percent to reach 337,56 tons in 2005.

The downtrend continued in February 2006 when exports declined 12.9 percent against the same period of 2005, to stand at just 2639 tons.

Nevertheless, Argentina remained the top export destination with a 34 percent surge to reach 1167 tons of denim exports.

Total exports to Argentina rose 68.9 percent to reach 2474 tons, accounting for almost 52 percent of all exports.

On the other hand, exports to Netherlands fell 41.4 percent and those to Paraguay lowered 19.8 percent.