Allegri creates fashion statement with raincoats

June 08, 2013 - Italy

Allegri succeeds in its desire to go further, to outdo others and excel itself. 
This journey to its origins and the roots of its Vinci homeland have encouraged the brand to confront the rain, the seasons and its inclusion in heritage collections and look to an exciting future, enabling the brand's DNA to evolve. 
And it's the drumming of the water on the windows that have made the brand the must-have name in international rainwear couture - but now the sun is coming out, and the brand is also being transformed into an indispensable star of men's and women's wardrobes, not just when it's pouring down outside!
Exceptional sartorial skills combined with new fabric research and experimentation increase the potential for summer-season garments - they are now lighter, making it easier to take flight towards holiday destinations. 
From land to sky Allegri changes its vision and perspective, reaching towards the future with an offer that transforms the casual into the new formal, and sportswear items become sophisticated garments with precious details, heritage values and contemporary appeal.  
The sartorial content becomes linear and functional, and the tailored elements include new fibres and materials that enrich the brand's aesthetic and make the collection instantly recognisable. 
The raincoats have been made lighter, and can now be packed into small pouches that are ideal companions for the busy traveller. Laser cutting reduces bulk and the reversible models in the collection double the opportunities for wear! 
Superlight nylon appears with precious cottons and polyester with memory performance. The finishing processes ensure perfect waterproofing, wind resistance and precision technology. 
The range of colours takes on a summery brightness, passing from classic black, blue and mud green to shades of brick, navy blue and ochre, flowing into sunshine yellow, blue and bright green. 
So for Allegri, its constant journey through research and innovation means "There's always never ends", creating the high-quality garments and exclusive designs that have enabled the brand to become an international icon.