Iran expos aim to promote Islamic clothing styles

July 17, 2013 - Iran

An expo showcasing around 50 pieces of Islamic fashion is currently going on in Tehran, Iran.
Organized by the Fashion National Foundation with an aim to promote Islamic clothing, the exhibition is running on the sidelines of the ‘21st International Holy Quran Exhibition’. 
The pieces displayed at the show, aimed to promote Islamic clothing, highly adhere to the traditional Iranian culture and the dress codes set for Muslim ladies, especially Iranian ladies.  
The pieces on display also showcase designs and patterns based on traditional Iranian culture.
Looking to promote the traditional Iranian culture of chadors, the foundation affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, this year called on the apparel designers and producers to use these chadors to make hijab. 
The International Holy Quran Exhibition is held each year during the holy month of Ramadan with an aim to encourage development and promotion of concepts of Quran.
In conjunction with the Holy Quran Expo, one more expo by Tiara Group showcasing Iranian designs is also on at Shaiss Gallery in Tehran. 
On show at this expo are beautifully embroidered and meticulously designed costumes by Elham Sattari and Tahereh Soltanlu. 
Through the expo, the designers aim to avoid invasion of western culture and motivate people to buy Iranian brands by offering high quality clothes embracing Iranian culture and style.
While the Holy Quran expo would run till first week of August, the expo by Tiara Group is slated to run till July 18.