Chinese textile sector to show stable performance in 2013

August 24, 2013 - China

The performance of the Chinese textile industry will remain stable this year, says a new report released by the National Textile Product Development Centre and the China Textile Information Centre.
The “2013 China Textile Product Development Report” provides summary of the current trends and Chinese textile industry needs, while giving practical guidance for enterprises for innovation and development of their products, according to Chen Jian, chief researcher at Products Division of the National Textile Product Development Centre, and the lead editor of the book.
Talking about the 2012-13 performance of the Chinese textile industry, the report states the high price of domestic cotton, rising labour costs, increasing environmental pressures, and difficulty in recruiting staff were the main problems affecting the industry.
The slow recovery of the international market, along with the Government industrial support policy paved way for textile enterprises to continuously adjust and upgrade their internal structure for strengthening their competitiveness, it adds.
The report expects the Chinese domestic textile industry’s performance to remain stable this year.
The chapter on trends analysis says there is development in women’s fabric with a blend of ancient and modern using ever-changing innovative technologies, resulting in innovation of special fabrics for delicate skin, anti-wrinkle fabrics, etc.
Men’s fabric makers can learn from the development in women’s fabric and improve design and other elements, making personalized, stylish, sophisticated, and other kinds of fabrics, the report states.