Gardeur declares Mar 11 as ‘International Trousers Day’

March 11, 2014 - Germany

Mönchengladbach trouser specialist GARDEUR will be declaring the first “International Trousers Day”. This date is a familiar one at Mönchengladbach company headquarters: it was on 11 March 45 years ago that the brand GARDEUR was registered as Germany’s first dedicated trouser brand.
“We want to take this date of registration as a cue to call ‘International Trousers Day’ into existence,” said Gerhard Kränzle, CEO and majority shareholder at GARDEUR GmbH. “On the first International Trousers Day.
In collaboration with respondi AG, K&A BrandResearch AG asked 1,000 People aged 25 to 60 about their views on trousers. “Interesting and amusing facts came out of our first trouser study. For instance, that buying trousers is the hardest clothes shopping item to buy,” said Gerhard Kränzle. The reason for this is the lacking fit of many trousers. 
Atelier GARDEUR would like to show German consumers that trouser shopping need not be a problem. “We invest in perfect trouser architecture. Our work in cutting technology, the labs and at our sewing machines ensures a perfect fit and a high-quality product,” explains Gerhard Kränzle. For instance, the Mönchengladbach trouser specialist checks every roll of fabric used to ensure a reliable fit for its customers.
 Other Facts:
-Trousers are more often too loose rather than too tight
-Germans own an average of 13.5 pairs of trousers
-Both men and women want to hide their backside and stomach in their trousers
The Mönchengladbach trouser specialist GARDEUR manufactures high-quality and innovative men and women’s trousers and women’s skirts with a perfect fit. The Group’s portfolio includes the brands Atelier GARDEUR, G DESIGN and Thomas Rath Trousers. Our own designers, pattern makers, lab technicians, tailors and laundry specialists in Germany and Tunisia accompany every stage of development of the individual products. 
As the only fully integrated trouser and skirt atelier in Germany, GARDEUR guarantees a perfect fit, a high level of quality craftsmanship and flexible collection management.  Founded in 1920 the company employs staff of some 2,000 people and supplies approx. 3,000 customers in 50 countries.