Yamamay debuts ‘Basic Collection’ to promote social cause

March 11, 2014 - Italy

The Basic Collection from Yamamay has initiated a strong social campaign to promote the concept of prevention. Yamamay in association with Italian League for the Fight against Cancer (LILT) has launched a social campaign - “Cancer Has No Age: Prevent It You Too”.
The goal is to focus people’s attention on this important matter. In order to make it possible Yamamay has picked photographer Giovanni Gastel who, thanks to his art, is able to create pictures that are eternal for beauty and elegance.
The stars of this project are Yasmin and Amber Le Bon: the comparison between two generations.
Yasmin Le Bon, supermodel who has been captivating the world’s runways and covers since the 90s. Refined, chic, she’s no stranger to the charity world.  
All garments photographed belong, in fact, to the new Yamamay Basic Collection: neutral colours, microfibre or elegant lace for timeless and ageless items. 
The basic collection – always in the Yamamay stores – is a complete project today, numberless articles that can meet the needs of female customers. All this collection wants to represent all women in the different stages of life, with their knowledge, wishes and way to express themselves. 
The same as every year, Yamamay joins forces with LILT to support projects like this because women are Yamamay’s customers and it addresses them powerfully.