Indian clothing has influence of other cultures: Rodricks

April 12, 2014 - India

India is a country filled with regional diversities and these variations in cultures have helped in shaping the unique dressing styles of Indians, who have been successfully able to absorb the distinctive clothing patterns of not only each other but also from their foreign invaders.
And this very idea of imbibing the best from other cultures has been strongly emphasised by the famous Indian designer Wendell Rodricks, who said in an interview with Fibre2fashion that Indian clothing has been continuously influenced by other cultures.
“As a country that has seen other cultures influences, it is obvious that our sense of style has adopted and imbibed what is best. Indian drapes were the norm till the Moghuls brought in pattern pieces. So did the English give us the petticoat under the saree,” he explains.
The Goa-based designer further describes how in olden days Goa being a port region has acted as the entrance to many foreigners and their exceptional cultures, “Being a port, Goa looked outwards, and was not rigid or insular in its attitude.”
“The two main influences were Khaljis and Tughlaqs in Goa. They made a huge contribution towards garments. Earlier only drapes were used like draping a saree or a dhoti or a shawl. They brought in the concept of cut garments sewn together by hand,” he adds.
While explaining Goa’s significant contribution in popularising the Indo-Western couture, the Padma Shri recipient says, “Goa was the birthplace of the Indo-Western outfits, a style which is very popular among the youth these days. Nowhere will you see a man wearing a dhoti, kurta and a jacket, and also wearing shoes and socks. Goa was the cradle of Indo-Western couture.”
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