Importing yarns account for 60% of total revenue

July 12, 2006 - Vietnam

In the first week of July 2006, apparel materials exports achieved continuous growth in revenues, stabilizing importing prices for most material categories.

Importing yarns pulled in highest revenue, accounting for over 60 percent of total materials imports revenue, with quoted average price within the range of US $1.36–2.17 per yard.

Among yarn categories, polyester yarn made up 37.6 percent of the total yarns import revenue during January–May 2006 period.

During the first week of July, importing price of 100 percent acrylic and 100 percent cotton fibres from Hong Kong reached $4.34 per kg and $3.3 per kg, respectively.

Meanwhile, price of filament fibres by Chinese suppliers climbed to $7.07 per kilogram, registering 1.6 percent rise from previous week.

Spandex fibre importing from China quoted price at $5 per kilogram, for the week .