Now, cotton shirt that repels stains and smell

January 05, 2017 - Netherlands

The next generation of cotton shirts by Labfresh uses a patented technology that enables cotton fibres to repel water, oil and bacteria, making it repellant to stains and smell. The waterproof yet breathable shirt enables sweat to evaporate through the fabric and dries up extremely fast. A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to fund its production.

The makers of the shirt say that the patented technology used in it is invisible and that it is impossible to feel a difference between this shirt and a traditional premium cotton shirt. Made of the softest cotton, it contains 2 per cent elastane for maximum comfort. It feels natural and rarely requires ironing.

The patented technology used in the shirt blocks all fluids and bacteria from entering the fabric, allowing wearers to rinse off almost any substance. The fibers are treated before they are spun into fabric, unlike the other existing options in which technologies are added as a coating on the surface. Labfresh’s technology partner InDuo from Paris routinely tests the shirt for durability and performance.

These shirts are highly sustainable as they can endure multiple washes without losing their properties. “True sustainability is when you wear the same shirt for years instead of buying new clothes all the time,” say the makers of the shirts.

Labfresh has also made stainless tie in a slim silhouette to match the minimalistic design of the shirts. The tie is made of 50 per cent wool and 50 per cent silk to give it a more casual look. (KD)