Roica partners' to showcase sustainable fibre

January 19, 2017 - Japan

The partners of Roica will be displaying specialty Japanese fibre producer Asahi Kasei’s brand Roica Eco Smart, a sustainable stretch fibre, at two international trade shows, Interfiliere and Salon International de la Lingerie. EcoSmart is an exclusive premium elastomer and sustainable stretch material. It is the only GRS certified stretch in the world.

Roica is a stretch fibre with an innovative range of smart functions for every wardrobe need. Roica by Asahi Kasei represents the partner of excellence for all the premium stretch products.

Roica Eco Smart facilitates new performance and fit standards in various types of apparel. This premium stretch fibre has a range of smart functions to suit modern wardrobe needs and can be used for making comfortable fabrics for sportswear, intimate wear, fashion apparel and business wear.

Roica Colour Perfect is a new standard in colour technology delivering a flawless and colour match-dyed finish that will also be showcased by the C.L.A.S.S. partner, Asahi Kasei at the global exhibitions.

Interfiliere is a unique international event for lingerie, swimwear and activewear materials and accessories. Salon International de la Lingerie is the world’s leading professional trade show for the lingerie sector, presenting lingerie, nightwear, luxury collections, men’s products, and 480 prestigious brands. The trade events will be held for three days, beginning from January 21. (RR)