Scottish team in India to continue apparel design programme

January 25, 2017 - India

A team from Scotland is in India to continue a collaborative apparel design training programme which first began in 2015, between the All India Council for Technical Education and the UK India Education Research Initiative (UKERI). The programme has been initiated at the Polytechnic College for Women in Guntur and Glasgow Kelvin College in Scotland.

According to a leading daily, business development executives and faculty from the Glasgow Kelvin College are in India to here to discuss continuation of the programme and also explore new business development proposals.

The training programme is woven around the celebrated Paisley pattern and Textile Reflections, an event, was held in Paisley in early 2016, which showcased the outcomes of this Indo-Scottish programme.

The whole programme has been designed along the iconic Paisley pattern, which originated in India and was later adopted by weavers of Paisley, a town in Scotland. The town of Paisley is also one of the project partners. (AR)