NRF mounts campaign against border adjustment tax

March 03, 2017 - United States Of America

The world's biggest retail association National Retail Federation has unveiled an advertisement campaign to educate Americans on the high consumer cost of the border adjustment tax (BAT), which is expected to increase costs on everyday necessities for a family by $1,700 per annum. BAT has been included in the US government's 'Better Way' plan for tax reform.

According to the trade body, while it strongly supports tax reform, the BAT is bad tax policy that would increase costs on everyday necessities.

"We need tax reform that rewards entrepreneurs and allows businesses to grow and create good-paying jobs that lift working families up," NRF senior vice president for government relations David French said. "The BAT does just the opposite, by penalising Americans by adding a tax on clothing, food, gas and other necessities." (AR)