New machine, PFAFF 3819, for perfect ladies jeans

March 17, 2017 - Germany

A new sewing machine, PFAFF 3819, is all set to make stitching ladies jeans much easier and simpler. The machine, ingrained with the concept of "material from the reel", delivers maximum productivity while maintaining consistent seam quality. The special "curved version" of PFAFF 3819 is the world's first designed for processing fashionable ladies' jeans.
The workstation PFAFF 3819 is meant to meet the highest demands and standards and it allows programming of the entire sewing and cutting cycle with protrusion of the waistband, skipped stitches, start and stop of the waistband.
Explaining how the 'curved version' of the machine is meant for processing fashionable ladies' jeans, Germany based PFAFF says the challenge in these jeans is attaching a curved waistband in a neat manner. In this area, the waistband is divided into different curved and straight segments to optimally fit a woman's anatomy. Therefore, sewing of programmed straight and curved segments is possible with just one machine for the first time.  
PFAFF 3819 enables the user to attach a perfectly curved waistband in one operation using one machine. An innovative puller system combined with intelligent software is the core of this new development. Different seam sections are available upon demand via a knee switch, the company says. (SV)