Clarifai lunches 'Apparel' and 'Celebrity' to assist e-com

March 24, 2017 - United States Of America

Two new identification models made available by Clarifai, the leading visual recognition artificial intelligence company, are all set to benefit the retail and e-commerce industries. The models - Apparel and Celebrity - will allow online retailers to easily reap the benefits of powerful machine learning tools in areas relevant to their business.
The 'Apparel' and 'Celebrity' models are both available in an alpha build. 
Clarifai's 'Apparel' model recognises more than 100 fashion-related concepts and terms spanning clothing and accessories - from men's boots and cardigan, to wide leg pants and romper. The 'Apparel' model can easily enhance any new or existing app or platform from retailers and fashion curation sites to improve inventory tagging and classification, and serve up more relevant search suggestions and product recommendations to customers. 
The 'Celebrity' model analyses images and returns probability scores on the likelihood that the media contains the face(s) of more than 10,000 recognised celebrities. When used with the new 'Apparel' model and Clarifai's custom training product, the 'Celebrity' recognition model opens up the potential for e-commerce and retail brands capitalise on influencer marketing. 
"Retail and e-commerce are two industries in which there is tremendous potential to incorporate the efficiencies of visual recognition and artificial intelligence. There has previously been a high barrier to entry for retail and e-commerce companies to leverage machine learning but with Clarifai's easy-to-use interface, there is no longer any sophisticated infrastructure or technical skill level needed," said Clarifai founder and CEO Matt Zeiler. 
The new additions join previously released retail-applicable models, 'Weddings' and 'Color.' The 'Wedding' model recognises over 400 concepts related to weddings including bride, groom, flowers, and more. The 'Color' model recognises W3C and HEX colour values and returns density values for dominant colours present in images. 
Clarifai is the foremost independent artificial intelligence and machine learning platform that can be used by any developer and business. (SV)