First Insight enters into partnership with Desigual

April 06, 2017 - United States Of America

First Insight, a technology company transforming how leading retailers make product investment and pricing decisions, has entered into a partnership with international clothing retailer Desigual to provide consumer-driven predictive analytics. The partnership will empower Desigual to make faster and more precise design decisions in some of its categories.
Through First Insight's online social engagement tools, Desigual will gather preference data on new products from its customers. This data will then be analysed by First Insight's predictive models to better understand Desigual's customer base in order to manufacture products that align with their needs in categories such as women's, accessories, men's, kids' and shoes.
"Consumer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. By implementing First Insight, we are enhancing our customer-oriented business model. We are thrilled to be working with First Insight, as this technology will be critical to understanding and meeting our growing customer needs," said Desigual. 
First Insight's solution will enable Desigual to quickly evaluate a greater number of designs and products. The tool also calibrates inventory buys based on direct consumer input and predictive analytics, allowing Desigual to optimise allocation strategies. 
"Desigual has built its business on successfully bringing new, cutting-edge and innovative designs to the market. Through our partnership, we will provide Desigual with the customer insights they need to inspire greater confidence in introducing fashion choices that match customer style preferences. We look forward to driving actionable results for Desigual," said Greg Petro, CEO and founder of First Insight.
Desigual is an international fashion company founded in Barcelona in 1984. (SV)