Made-By's Mode Tracker verifies sustainability efforts

April 13, 2017 - United Kingdom

Made-By NGO has announced the second year for the publication of Mode Tracker, a unique tool for the fashion industry that independently verifies a brand's sustainability efforts. The tool's benefit is that fashion companies' sustainability performances are verified, produced and published in a consumer-friendly manner and are based on a common standard.

The performance of four pioneering brands was released last year, and the NGO has added two more names to the list this year. G-Star, Haikure, Just Brands, Ted Baker, Vivobarefoot and We Fashion have publicly committed and disclosed their efforts towards sustainability.

"We commend our Mode Tracker brands for leading the way in transparent and verified communication on their sustainability efforts and achievements. I hope our Mode Tracker tool and these latest brand results will encourage more brands and retailers in the industry to adopt such an open and honest dialogue on their sustainability progress," said Sabine Ritter, CEO of Made-By.

Mode Tracker was introduced in 2014 following consultation with over 50 independent sustainability and fashion experts. It enables fashion brands and retailers to develop a roadmap to engage on a broad range of sustainability issues, demonstrate their improvements and communicate these actions publicly.

There are eight areas, or cubes, that are assessed: people, product, manufacturing, packaging and transport, own operations, use and durability, product waste and transparency. Companies must choose product and people plus one other. Each cube is broken down into three ascending levels – build foundation and set ambition; make steady progress; and adopt best practice.

Using expert-developed metrics and scorings, Mode Tracker independently verifies a brand's and retailer's activities, looking at both the sustainability impact reductions made and the management systems in place to support continual improvement.

In addition, through Mode Tracker's in-depth guidance documents for each topic area, brands and retailers are supported in building a comprehensive strategy and roadmap helping them to achieve best practice and beyond.

The progress made by individual brands is highlighted in improved scores across a number of cubes including the mandatory cubes – people and product. Progress has also been made collectively, and the brands have increased the total number of published cubes to 27 compared to 17 last year. (KD)