100 global fashion brands now part of CanopyStyle

April 13, 2017 - Canada

Award winning environmental not-for-profit organisation Canopy has announced that CanopyStyle, which focuses on elimination of ancient and endangered forests from the production of rayon and viscose fabrics, has hit the significant milestone of 100 committed brands. Kathmandu, SVILU, Raquel Allegra and Duffield Design are the latest to join the initiative.
The CanopyStyle 100 consists of 100 global brands, designers and retailers who have strong, sustainable sourcing policies for their rayon and viscose fabrics and have a united vision for global forests. Launched in October 2013 with signing by five fashion brands, the CanopyStyle has become the fastest moving environmental initiative in the apparel industry. The question for customers now is, "If my favourite brand isn't part of CanopyStyle, then why not?" said the group in a release.
"The strength of the collective action being driven by the CanopyStyle 100 is how my company will be successful in addressing the critical issue of protecting endangered forests from ending up in fabrics. We are so inspired and excited to join Canopy and The CanopyStyle 100 to forward lasting protection in the world's forests," said Manu Rastogi, textile R&D and responsible materials manager of Kathmandu. 
These fashion and apparel leaders are committed to end sourcing of ancient and endangered forests or controversial sources in fabrics from their supply chain, as well as to kickstart sourcing next generation closed loop rayon and viscose from recycled clothing and left-over straw. They will also support Canopy's work to advance conservation solutions for Quebec's Broadback Forest, Indonesia's Leuser Ecosystem and British Columbia's last stands on Vancouver Island.
"No-one wants the last stands of 1,000 year old trees cut down to make their jeans or t-shirts. The CanopyStyle 100 is acting on that and as a result we see similar sourcing commitments from nine out of the world's top 10 largest viscose producers," said Nicole Rycroft, executive director of Canopy. 
"One hundred clothing companies are now waiting to see suppliers like Fulida, Xinxiang Bailu and Shandong Yamei move forward on CanopyStyle Audits in order to meet their policy requirements," Rycroft said. (SV)