Fake coat could be dreadful creations

September 08, 2006 - Canada

Every year more than two million cats and dogs in Asia are being killed often brutally for their fur.

These furs are used on clothing, toys and other products but due to a loophole in Canadian labeling laws, they are not labeled.

These products enter Canada and consumers buy them in the immature belief that they are made of 'fake' or 'fun' fur.

As per the Canadian Textile Labeling Act (TLA), if an importer or any producer tries to sell products that are falsely labeled, the Competition Bureau can stop the product from being sold until the necessary changes are made.

The bureau has so far not received any complaints of specific cases of mislabeling which is the only way for it to act on an infringement of the TLA.

Also there is no legislation that compels fur manufacturers to label their garments.

It appears the broader fur industry needs to be regulated before this specific problem can be solved.

The US and European countries have passed legislation in recent years to stop the importing of dog and cat fur and it seems that Canada is lagging behind.

Furthermore, all shoppers continue to be part of yet another gruesome, obscene, modern irony, while some of in North America treat their pet species better than most of the world's children, a few unconsciously use those same species for toys and accessories.

Conceivably it's precisely impropriety, arrogance, rudeness, and disrespect by humans towards innocent animals.