Katharine Hamnett London joins Fair Wear Foundation

October 31, 2018 - United Kingdom

British fashion designer Katharine Hamnett London has joined Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), the non-profit organization which works with brands, manufacturers and trade unions to improve workplace conditions for garment workers. The first brand performance check for Katharine Hamnett London will take place following the company’s initial year of membership.

As a FWF member, Katharine Hamnett London will use its influence to work towards better labour conditions for garment workers – together with the factories that produce their clothes. FWF annually checks how well the brand is doing that.

"As the whistleblower and long-term fanatic and campaigner about sustainable fashion I look forward to working with FWF whose aims match with mine," said Hamnett.

Hamnett is an icon of modern British fashion, but she is also a long-time activist fighting for a better garment industry. Katharine pioneered the much-copied slogan t-shirt – one of the most famous being Choose Life, as worn by George Michael. The iconic 'No more fashion victims' t-shirt was one of the first eye-opening campaigns to raise awareness about how the fashion industry impacts people’s lives. (RR)