Panorama Berlin names top five speakers for retail lecture

November 15, 2018 - Germany

Panorama Berlin has announced the names of the top five speakers for retail. In hall five of the expo, the retail solutions division, Panorama Berlin is mainly focusing on infotainment. At the lecture stage, Panorama Berlin, Europe’s leading fashion marketplace, will present speakers providing many inspirations and information, from January 15-17, 2019.

In a series of lectures by top speakers, important information on all aspects of viable retail will be presented throughout the event. In exciting presentations, the right answers to the relevant questions around digitisation and content marketing and the topic of bringing the POS to a POX are offered. One can find digital solutions that are perfectly tailored to the industry, as well as tech start-ups, retail design agencies, and food concepts providers that are easy to integrate into a retail environment, according to a press release on the event.

Nicole Srock.Stanley, the CEO of dan pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbH will talk on the topic ‘Cross realities: How the boundaries of digital and analogue are blurring’. As a speaker, she takes to the stage at conferences to talk about the retail of the future and provide answers to the question of how bricks-and-mortar retail can be revolutionised with the mechanisms of the modern leisure industry.

Andreas Brill, founder and co-owner of business4brands b4b GmbH, will talk on ‘Today is day 2: Fashion and retail for the digital age’. Integral parts of Brill’s works are research and presentations on the logics dynamics and implications of digitalisation.

Niklas Heinen, the CEO of 100TAUSENDLUX Holding GmbH will speak on the topic ‘From a small online blog to a social ecommerce and retail company’.

Peter Lensker, managing owner of LeadersEye and an expert in market-oriented company management will speak on ‘Emotional added value. Emotion makes up 50% of the business results – but how can it be managed?’ Lensker is an expert in the field of market-oriented company management.

Andreas Knürr, the CEO and co-founder of TIMIFY will talk on ‘Online to the POS – make online booking possible/retain customers/save costs’. Andreas Knürr is the CEO and co-founder of TIMIFY, an online appointment booking software for service providers and their customers that enables the quick and easy arrangement of appointments. (GK)