Aaron Jackson becomes CEO of Won.House

December 05, 2018 - Taiwan

Aaron Jackson, former director of raw material innovation at Lululemon, has been appointed the CEO of Won.House, a textile and apparel research and development think house based in Tao Yuan, Taiwan. Won.House has been created to work with mills, brands and yarn companies worldwide on new yarns, fabrics, and eco-friendly waterless colour and dyeing.

"This past four weeks has been very special with the successful installation or the KC2.2 machine and the first series of successful tests on nylons, polys, and at the time of this press release the successful testing of the new Synatec Merino wool/ poly blend utilising Kinetic Colorisation, a waterless eco friendly dye technology,” stated Jackson.

“The successful setup of the KC2.2 machine at Won.House by Katmandu is the tip of the iceberg,” stated Jenny Cho, VP of Won.House. This is a game changing technology purchased with the trademarks and patent rights from Katmandu. The goal is to commercialise Kinetic Colorisation over the next few years and it seems things are off to a very good start. Won.House already has five plants sold in Taiwan, Vietnam, and China. The official launch date of Won.House is late April 2019.

Won.House is a research and development think tank that has been created to work with mills, brands and yarn companies worldwide on new yarns, fabrics, waterless colour and dyeing utilising Kinetic Colorisation, seamless garments and double-sided garments and all eco-friendly apparel.

Waterless colouring is the future with no more pollution of waters, no more harmful chemicals in the second dirtiest industry in the world. There are more than 10 companies that have expressed strong interest in these machines and three have placed pre-orders to be the fist to get deliveries in 2019.

“Being able to dye nylons and wools on the fly with a fraction of the MOQs is also a game changer,” said Murphy Chung the CEO of TSGS. “With the successful setup the Kinetic Colorisation machine Won.House is doing a great deal of testing on a variety of fabrics creating a formulation book and Won.House will be selling Kinetic Colorisation machines worldwide starting at the end of QI or start of Q2 of 2019,” stated Jackson.

Companies from all over the Far East, North America, Latin America and the EU will be invited to tour and understand the concept of Won.House and how KC2.2 can be utilised in demand manufacturing. (SV)