Americhem expands additive softening technology platform

March 20, 2019 - United States Of America

Americhem is expanding its additive softening technology platform for nonwovens. Americhem is a globally recognised designer and manufacturer of custom colour masterbatch, functional additives, engineered compounds, and performance technologies. The company, based in the US, operates 11 manufacturing plants and maintains sales offices throughout the world.

The company’s mBrace products provide an enhanced soft feel while offering efficient processing with extremely low volatiles. Most of the mBrace line can be used as a single additive package or combined with colour for an allencompassing concentrate solution. The mBrace line of masterbatches is multi-faceted and engineered to offer brand owners customisability to their desired softness level in polypropylene applications. Americhem continues to broaden its formulations for nonwovens; improving softness and drapability, the company said in a press release.

“Hygienic and medical drapery manufacturers have been looking for a cost-efficient way to bring a silky, soft touch to their products. The end user prefers a soft feel directly on their skin as opposed to an article that is stiff, noisy, and feels like plastic. You will feel the difference in the product with our mBrace,” Robert Baldy, market manager at Americhem said. (GK)