DK Company acquires main part of activities in CNS Group

May 17, 2019 - Denmark

DK Company, a fashion company, has signed an agreement of taking over the main part of activities in CNS Group. The acquisition is of immediate application. DK Company’s Vejle division with CEO Kasper Philipsen in charge will be the future office for CNS Group. About 50 per cent of 60 employees from CNS Group’s headquarter have been offered a job in Vejle.

Peter Mazur of CNS Group will continue as director of Solid and Tailored & Originals brands, said DK Company in a media statement.

”Unfortunately CNS Group is in a situation where they have lost a significant German customer with the result that the company has been declared bankrupt. We know CNS Group as good colleagues and deeply respected for the business they have built. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we are able to take over the activities,” said Group CEO Jens Poulsen of DK Company.

“For quite some time DK Company has been looking for an option to increase its business within men’s wear. Today, we have 17 female brands and three male brands: Matinique, Casual Friday and Blend. We see the acquisition of Solid and Tailored & Originals as a clear strengthening within our male brands. We have great respect for the two brands, broadly founded within wholesale and with own retail in Denmark and Norway. DK Company acquires the total CNS Group. Focus will be at the two male brands, representing a turnover of DKK 200 million from both wholesale and retail,” added Poulsen.

“The night’s negotiations show that DK Company is able to react fast. We are convinced that we in a difficult situation - have found a fine solution for all parties, and we look forward to welcoming new colleagues and customers,” concluded Poulsen. (PC)