Sonoco Alcore to display EcoSPAN textile cores at ITMA

May 20, 2019 - United States Of America

Sonoco Alcore will debut Sonoco’s new, patented EcoSPAN engineered textile cores to global manufacturers at ITMA 2019 exhibition, in hall 7, stand D113. The leading textile and garment technology exhibition will be held from June 20-26, 2019, in Barcelona, Spain. Sonoco Alcore is a world-class technological leader of the paper tube and core industry.

Sonoco’s EcoSPAN technology creates a tailored friction surface to drive optimal performance in the demanding realm of Spandex yarn production. Unlike current Spandex yarn cores that use a film-based material on the outer surface, which creates friction-driven transfer problems and minimises the ability for customisation, EcoSPAN cores use a patented, customisable, aqueous coating, eliminating the need for additional film materials on the outer surface. This makes EcoSPAN cores 100 per cent recyclable – meaning they can be reclaimed and recycled at mills that can accept cores, making them a more sustainable option than comparable cores, Sonoco said in a press release.

“With EcoSPAN, we have the unique capability to customise the friction performance of the core surface to match each of our customers’ unique requirements. And because our surface properties can be tailored so finely, we’re able to create a much more efficient transfer environment that improves string-up and overall operational efficiency – resulting in increased speed, throughput, productivity, and profitability, all while considering environmental concerns,” Ismael Hernandez from Sonoco global technology – textiles said. (GK)