Michelman unveils ProHere E 00017 for use in sealers

May 27, 2019 - Belgium

Michelman has made additions to its line of ProHere waterborne polymer dispersions and emulsions for use in metal coatings. ProHere E 00017 provides lubricity and enhanced corrosion resistance on electroplated metal, and is meant for use in sealers for fasteners and window fittings. Michelman has production facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Used at a low dry film thickness (DFT 0.5 – 7 µ), ProHere E 00017 exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of metals including cold-rolled, electroplated, and hot-dipped galvanised steel. Easily stripped from plating racks with a hot alkali solution, it contributes to metal preservation through its water, solvent, and acid resistance.

This new material performed well in several areas including salt spray tests, consistent COF measurements, and gloss. It is suitable for plating applications in many segments, including automotive and construction applications. Michelman’s production facilities in the Americas, Europe, and Asia ensure a reliable local supply of ProHere E 00017 throughout the world. (SV)