Dhana becomes part of Worn Again's programme

June 08, 2019 - United States Of America

Dhana has become part of Worn Again Technologies' pioneer members' programme which comprises some of the most forward-thinking brands in the global apparel and textiles industry. Worn Again Technologies' polymer recycling process can separate, decontaminate and extract polyester polymers and cellulose from waste textiles, and plastic bottles and packaging.

The programme marks shift to a circular resource world. The extracted polyester polymers and cellulose (from cotton) from non-reusable textiles, plastic bottles and packaging will go back into new fibre as part of a repeatable process.

Dhana, a US-based youth clothing brand joins founding Pioneer Members, H&M and Kering, alongside Japanese sportswear brand ASICS Europe, German outdoor textiles specialist Sympatex, German linen supplier Dibella, and Mexican textile and garment manufactures Directex and Himes. As Worn Again Technologies continues its rapid developments, it calls for further forward-thinking brands to join now and be amongst the next to reap the rewards of this industry-advancing innovation.

By embracing Worn Again Technologies, Dhana is connecting the youth to new ways of thinking with respect to returning unwanted clothing to recycling centres, rather than throwing them in the trash, resulting in a regenerative and restorative future.

The decision to join the Worn Again Technologies' Pioneer Members' programme came from Shamini Dhana, founder and CEO of Dhana, "Our commitment to the principles of circular fashion encompasses the adoption of new streams of waste-to-fibre technology which is exactly what Worn Again Technologies provides - a solution to today's most sought after challenge - the need to divert and convert millions of pounds of textile waste from the landfill into valuable commodities and economic opportunity."

"From the early days of development, we knew that working with strategic partners would be the most effective way to bring our vision to reality. We have been building the technology and the infrastructure for this solution over the last eight years, but the brands and companies selling products will play a huge role in enabling us to deliver circular resources to the global textiles industry," says Cyndi Rhoades, CEO and founder of Worn Again Technologies.

Worn Again Technologies' patented process aims to ensure its dual PET and cellulose outputs extracted from textiles and bottles will have economic competitiveness to virgin resources whilst guaranteeing virgin-equivalent quality. As pioneer members, these brands will have guaranteed access to a percentage share of initial Worn Again Technologies' circular PET and cellulose outputs to use in their supply chains which will prove a competitive advantage in the coming decade as demand for circular supply resources rises. Additionally, Dhana will be offered pre-market access to developments and engagement in industry trials on the outputs during the scaling phase.

This partnership affirms Dhana and each brand within the programme so far as part of the solution to eradicate. (SV)