Pure London launches new swimwear collections this edition

July 22, 2019 - United Kingdom

At present, Pure London, UK’s leading festival of fashion is showcasing new swimwear collections for Lord Sugar’s Apprentice winner Sian Gabbidon and Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock. At Olympia London, visitors including UK’s top retailers are viewing the new swimwear pieces which will go on till July 23. Both Sian and Leigh-Anne are present at the show.

In’A’Seashell was founded by long-term friends Gabrielle Urquhart and Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock. The founders made the conscious decision to use models with very different body shapes and races because they felt, when it comes to swimwear campaigns, more diversity is needed, according to a press release by Pure London.

“We have been the closest of friends for about 15 years now. The idea for the brand first came to us by a pool in Miami when we, Pinnock and I, discovered we both shared the same dream to create an inclusive swimwear range. It was then that we decided to put our heads together to create a swimwear brand like no other! In'A'Seashell isn’t just a swimwear brand, it’s a movement; it’s about feeling amazing in your body and confident to wear swimwear, said Urquhart.

“In'A'Seashell is an inclusive swimwear brand that aims to offer something for every woman; we want to empower all women to embrace their race, shape and body type! We want our brand to be represented by all women, real women and we design our swimwear in the hope that every woman wearing it feels confident and sexy. Our philosophy is that, just like seashells, each woman is beautiful, unique and has her own story to tell. For us, the main goal for our first collection was to create a universal swimwear range to suit all body types. That’s why we’ve kept the designs simple and chic, focusing more on fabrics and materials. We’ve used terry cloth for our signature bikini and dungaree buckles to fasten our power bikini. One of the most important things to us is creating something that the swimwear world hasn’t seen before.”

Founded by The Apprentice 2018 winner & UK based fashion designer Sian Gabbidon, the idea behind the swimwear brand, SianMarie, originally derived from Sian’s own personal style. Tired of having constant pool party outfit clashes she set out to create bold, bright and unique pieces perfect for party girls who go from waves to raves and love to make a statement! The aim of each piece is to accentuate the feminine figure and empower the wearer by letting them ‘make it their own’ through the use of reversible and multiway styles combined with lush hand drawn prints. (PC)