Nigeria's XIREA Apparel launches garment factory

July 23, 2019 - Nigeria

Nigeria’s XIREA Apparel launched a modern manufacturing facility at Trans-amadi Port-Harcourt on July 23. The factory opens doors for contract manufacturing for its first client, Buphalo, signalling that it is ready for such contracts for a variety of garments from fashion brands, the armed forces, sports companies and oil and gas companies.

The factory has a fully automated design and pattern making process with real-time monitoring of orders and technology solutions to help clients develop knowledge base around their order through data acquisition, according to Nigerian media reports.

XIREA Apparel, which currently employs over 400 Nigerians, 95 per cent of which are women, was formed to serve independent apparel brands, large organisations , the armed force, oil and gas companies, uniforms and e-commerce retailers with their sourcing and garment production requirements. (DS)