Bombyx uses regenerative agri tech for silk cocoons

July 24, 2019 - China

Using regenerative agriculture technology, Bombyx, a China-based organic silk manufacturer, has produced large amounts of silk cocoon. The technology has also led to a positive environmental impact, higher standard of living for local farmers and higher-quality harvest. Bombyx believes that organic agricultural practices profit the entire supply chain.

Bombyx is founded on the core principle that sustainability and organic agricultural processes are not only necessary, but lead to increased market share and profitability for the whole supply chain. In order to produce the highest quality cocoon for their customers, Bombyx uses organic fertilizer, releasing fewer carbon emissions and restoring the vitality of the soil, allowing farmers to resume the planting of mulberry trees and prepare for the next harvest quicker and more efficiently. Bombyx also teaches their sericulturists to whiten the cocoon in a technical way so that the quality of the cocoon is not reduced, nor are there any damaging effects on the environment.

“Truly committing to regenerative agriculture has brought Bombyx to new heights,” said Hilmond Hui, president of Bombyx. “By committing to organic agricultural practices, regardless of the cost, we have significantly grown our sericulture base, created thousands of jobs and producing a large, high-quality harvest.”

After just one year of development, the area of the sericultural base has grown from 2,000 mu (~330 acres) to 16,000 mu (~2,600 acres). A further result of the harvest is an increased standard of living for local farmers. Since the launch in the Nanchong region, an additional 3,000 jobs have been created. This high yield has led to better pay for the farmers and Bombyx’s organic agricultural practices are creating a healthier environment for the local community. (SV)