US should not define developing nation classification: PRC

August 05, 2019 - China

After President Donald Trump asked his top trade negotiator to pressurise the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to crack down on some self-declared developing economies, China said the ‘developing nation’ classification should not be defined by US interests. WTO reforms should not be gripped by a few ‘hegemony countries’, state-run People’s Daily said in an editorial.

Trump last week singled out China in a memo to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer that gave the latter 90 days to determine whether there’s been ‘substantial progress’ toward limiting the number of countries considered developing nations. Trump said the United States may act unilaterally the findings are to the contrary.

The 90-day deadline to see if the WTO has made improvements in the matter lays bare the ‘arrogance and impudence’ of the United States, global newswire reported citing the editorial.

China has not abused the special treatment accorded to it as a developing nation, the newspaper said. (DS)