SML launches Inspire and EcoInspire brands

August 07, 2019 - United States Of America

SML, the leading global branding and item-level RFID solutions provider headquartered in the US, has launched its new Inspire and EcoInspire brands. The Inspire will be rolled out across SML’s innovative tagging products including woven labels, self-adhesive labels, hangtags, and RFID-enabled tags, as well as be seen in SML’s packaging products.

Always driven by the commitment to innovate and operate in a socially accountable manner, SML realises the urge for retailers and brand owners to reduce its carbon footprint by sourcing and producing renewable and recycled materials with a positive environmental impact. The EcoInspire collection includes a broad spectrum of products using easily-recyclable materials that enhance product durability, longevity, functionality, and allow for low-impact maintenance, the company said in a press release.

“Today’s consumers don’t just care about getting fit for purpose products. Instead they are becoming increasingly aware of how their lives and the products they purchase are impacting the environment. As customers become more and more environmentally conscious, it is up to the retail industry to deliver on the promise of sustainability,” Gary Moskovciak, senior VP of Americas at SML said.

The Inspire brand is just one example of SML’s continuous innovation, which is at the core of its offering in the fast-moving retail market. The brand enables a collaborative and innovative spirit shared by both its customers and colleagues which will help inspire further product advancements.

“The retail market is evolving like never before and that change drives us to innovate our products and services to greater serve customer needs. We are working relentlessly to transform our business into a one-stop tagging and packaging solution provider led by our item-level RFID technology. We recognise the need to share a new brand experience of our tagging business to our customers which are increasingly requiring higher standards of design and products, and the introduction of the Inspire brand will help us do this,” Lesley Suen, senior VP of corporate marketing said.

EcoInspire uses environmentally-friendly sources in manufacturing including discarded plastic bottles, recycled polyester, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper and organic cotton. In addition to sustainable sources, products are also designed with efficient product manufacturing processes that reduce waste, minimise resources, and carbon footprint, resulting in compact, simplified products and packaging to maximise container storage and lower logistics costs. SML is not only reducing its environmental impact but also ensuring to operate in a more sustainable manner. With environmental issues constantly challenging the living conditions of every species, SML recognises the critical need to address this topic through the products they produce and the way in which it conducts business. (GK)