Sankalp for Khadi organising Signature for Khadi

August 08, 2019 - India

Sankalp for Khadi, an initiative by Incredible Transforming Charitable Foundation (ITCF), is organising "Signature for Khadi", a first of its kind event, on August 10 in New Delhi to mark 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and 100 years of Charkha. It aims to transform khadi from 'The Freedom Fabric of the Nation' to 'Fashion Fabric of the Nation'.

India used Khadi fabric as a weapon that played a major role in achieving independence. Even now, Khadi continues to inspire and amaze people around the globe.

The event will also see more than 100 eminent personalities from various domains like politics, sports, diplomacy, bureaucracy, and arts converge for celebrating 100 years of `Charkha’. They will also sign on a Khadi canvas with a message "I endorse Khadi too". The eminent personalities who are expected include Hema Milini (actor and member of Parliament), Chetan Bhagat (author), Amar Singh (member of Rajya Sabha), Shahnaz Husain (founder The Shahnaz Husain Group), KTS Tulsi (politician and senior advocate in the Supreme Court), Shyam Jaju (politician), and the Great Khali (wrestler).

There will also be 'Roots of India', a fashion show highlighting khadi and handloom fabrics from seven states - Odisha, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Jammu and Kashmir. The show has especially been conceived to empower and commemorate the 'Sashaktikaran' of Bunkars (weavers). The fashion show will give a colossal platform to the Bunkars for presenting their handwork. The Bunkar Fashion Show will have one renowned personality from each state as show stopper.

Sankalp for Khadi is also introducing 'Gandhi Smriti Chinh Awards 2019' to acknowledge young enthusiasts who have upheld the Gandhian principles of equality, women empowerment, education, “swachh Bharat”, khadi and non violence.

Paridhi Sharma, founder president, Sankalp for Khadi said, “The fabric and weavers behind the Charkha is what inspired me to start this initiative. Sankalp for Khadi aims to provide Khadi weavers better and sustainable employment. I firmly believe that the youth of India has the potential and courage to bring the change we need. Therefore, this initiative also emphasises on the involvement of the youth by promoting the fabric and educating them about the power this fabric holds."

She adds, “the thought behind Signature for Khadi is to enlighten the heart and mind of the citizens of our nation. Bringing together the eminent personalities of our nation from various domains, we enlighten the masses with pros of Khadi and its importance in our lives. The campaign aims to recognise the power of India through its positive actions empowering the craftsmanship of the Bunkars."

Sankalp for Khadi also plans to take the campaign to Gujarat, the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi. (SV)