Indonesia’s 'Garuda Nusantara' programme promotes batik

August 14, 2019 - Indonesia

Indonesian President Joko Widodo and first lady Iriana on August 1 set in motion the colouring process of a 74-meter-long batik cloth called ‘Garuda Nusantara’ in central Jakarta as part of a programme hosted by Tjanting Batik Nusantara Foundation to promote batik globally. The cloth will travel to eight centres where batik makers will finish the project.

Roadshows will be organised at each batik centre, said head of the organisation’s board of supervisors Sandra Hutabarat.

The president started the colouring process on a gurdo motif, which depicts the mythical bird garuda, also Indonesia's national symbol, according to a report in a top Indonesian newspaper.

Batik Garuda Nusantara will also feature other motifs, such as kawung, a four-lobed pattern inspired by the palm tree; parang, also known as lereng, a pattern previously reserved for the Javanese royal family; and sekar jagad, batik patterns symbolising beauty.

The organisation aimed at bringing back the authentic ancient batik-making process. (DS)