Lackluster show by cotton soft & polyester yarns at Qianqing markets

November 27, 2006 - China

Deals at Qianqing market for yarns and threads during November 11-26, 2006 were normal with prices remaining relatively steady.

As of November 26, the typical products of Qianqing market, such as cotton knitting yarn 32s, polyester 50s, rayon yarn 30s, T65/C35 yarn 40s/2, were quoted at 19300 Yuan per ton,16500 Yuan per ton,17400 Yuan per ton,18900 Yuan per ton, and 19800 Yuan per ton, respectively as compared to 19400 Yuan per ton,16500 Yuan per ton, 17400 Yuan per ton, 18900 Yuan per ton and 19800 Yuan per ton respectively, last week.

All of the prices offered at the same levels as previous week, except cotton yarn which was down 100 Yuan per ton from last week.