Saya launches sustainable fibre made from fabric scrap

October 08, 2020 - Taiwan

Saya, a new name in fibre has announced its debut with an expanded offering beyond recycled PET bottles including recycled cutting scrap and fabric, bringing new options to the textile industry. Nan Ya Plastics, Saya’s parent company, is the world’s largest manufacturer of recycled PET, repurposing over 75 billion bottles every year. 
Now under the brand Saya, research and development efforts continue to focus on the critical recycling and sustainability issues that face the textile and garment industry and redefine what’s possible in renewal.
“Over the past several years the textile industry has embraced recycling PET plastic bottles, and through Saya 365 we are able to offer several options within that technology. But it’s not enough. The industry needs to tackle the next level,” Mike Shih, spokesperson for Saya and Nan Ya, said in a press release. “As the largest performance fibre manufacturer in Taiwan we feel the responsibility, and we have the resources to do the necessary R&D. At Saya we’ve identified cutting scraps and overstock fabrics as a problem that is often ignored, and we’ve developed several new recycling solutions to tackle the issue.”
Saya 365 continues to expand and refine the recycling of PET throughout the world. A proprietary, five-stage filtration process followed by two stages of purification result in batch optimised flakes and pellets ready to be transformed into performance fibres. The result is the Saya renewed difference, with better tenacity strength, dyeing accuracy and brighter whites compared to conventional recycled fibres. 
Plastic bottles are sourced from Asia and beyond. Providing consistent and cost-effective supply for sustainable options in polyester fibre. The specialised recycling programme targets clean-up and renewal of discarded plastic bottles in coastal regions that would otherwise migrate out to sea (80 per cent of ocean plastics originate from coastal land). Recycled polyester fibres made in the facility in Lake City, South Carolina, US, receive this unique designation. Options include using locally or internationally recycled bottles and waste for those looking for a USA-based fibre programme with full traceability and transparency.
Saya Next seeks to innovate and provide solutions for the industrial waste problem shrouding the textile industry, including scrap, cutting waste, overstock fabric and soon, used garments. The unique programs within SAYA Next include: Saya RSCUW - currently available, Saya RSCUW reduces waste by 30 per cent per yard by recycling cutting scraps and overstock rolls of fabric, which has historically ended up in landfills or is stored indefinitely in warehouses; Saya RSCUW Raw - currently available, Saya RSCUW RAW is made from recycled fabric cutting scrap and coloured PET bottles retaining their original colour; Saya Garma - currently in development, Saya Garma will be available in late 2021. This complex recycling process of used post-consumer garments will streamline the garment recycling by offering turnkey retail to fibre.