GHCL Limited posts Q2 FY21 revenues of ₹779 cr

October 27, 2020 - India

GHCL Limited, an India-based leading chemical & textile company, has reported decrease in its net revenues to ₹779 crore during the second quarter (Q2) FY21 that ended on September 30, 2020, compared to the revenues of ₹826 crore in the same period previous year. Company’s net profit for the period dropped to ₹78 crore (Q2 FY20: ₹122 crore).
“As the Covid-19 impact continues, global macroeconomic environment remains volatile due to a resurgence in reported cases. In India, since the easing of the lockdown, economic activity has started to recover,” R S Jalan, managing director at GHCL, said in a press release. 
“Our businesses too are returning towards normal. Better consumption patterns, robust improvement in operational efficiencies, cost reduction programs coupled with volume growth have led to improved financial performance,” Jalan said.
Company’s inorganics chemicals division’s revenue slipped during the second quarter to ₹482 crore (₹542 crores). While, home textiles business revenue was ₹297 crore (₹283 crores).