Giotex partners Aware to sell recycled cotton blended yarn

November 16, 2020 - United States Of America

Giotex, the largest spinner of recycled cotton/polyester pre-dyed fibres and blends in the Americas, is set to sell recycled cotton blended yarn embedded with the Aware tracer particles starting from November 2020. Aware is the brand of the Dutch company, The Movement, which offers innovative sustainable fibre and yarn solutions for the textile industry.

Thanks to this collaboration, the Aware integrity solution is now also available in North and South America. Brands and retailers from the US, producing their products locally, can now also benefit from 100 per cent traceable recycled cotton yarn. Recycled cotton is the most important yarn for a sustainable future. Made from post-industrial cutting clips or post-consumer garments, one kilo recycled cotton saves almost 10,000 litres of water. And because we don’t have to cultivate new cotton fields, we save unspoiled nature (1,000 kg of recycled cotton saves 5,000 square metres land), according to a press release by The Movement.

It’s very difficult to prove that the final garment is really made of genuine recycled materials. Certification data should reflect reality, but sometimes reality changes and the data stays the same. Greenwashing is a hidden risk. Aware has developed a rock solid technology that can truly verify the authenticity of recycled materials, by using tracer and blockchain technology. Aware is fully reliable, avoids greenwashing, and is easy to use.

“Today, nothing is more important to manufacturing than sustainable practices and radical transparency. Aware has joined advanced tagging technology to blockchain transparency. We simply had to be included in The Movement,” Steven Usdan, co-founder of Giotex said.

“We are extremely happy with this collaboration. We believe that genuine traceable recycled cotton yarn should be available from all important production areas in the world, to avoid unneeded shipments of materials. We have licensed spinners in Asia and Europe. With Giotex we have the best partner possible in the Americas,” Feico van der Veen, founder of The Movement said.