EU to be flexible on imposed Chinese sweater quota

August 04, 2005 - Belgium

To fill up the empty shelves of the shops for this coming winter season, the European Union (EU) is likely to loosen up in quotas imposed on Chinese sweater imports.

Belgium has already agreed to increase the imports till the end of this year. However, it had to face primary resistance for the allowance from some of the EU member states.

Nearly 20 million jumpers are blocked for clearance to be sold in the EU, which were shipped before a temporary ban on imports was imposed last month and have since been stranded in transit.

Last month, the Brussels had imposed quotas after China exceeded its limit of 69 million export items up until the end of the year.

Claude Veron-Reville, European Commission spokesman said that it is nice that EU states have now agreed to relax quotas, however it won’t work if the China don't agree on it.