FP6 projects to spotlight on ACTECO at INDEX

March 24, 2008 - Switzerland

Three FP6 research projects with potential applications in nonwovens highlighted at upcoming INDEX 08 exhibition, Geneva, 15-18 April 2008.

ACTECO- Eco-efficient activation for hyperfunctional surfaces, INTELTEX - Intelligent multi-reactive textiles and STELLA - Stretchable Electronics for Large Area applications will be presented at the INDEX 08 Innovation Pavilion.

Innovation in nonwoven materials will be highlighted at the INDEX 08 exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland, from 15th- 18th April 2008.

A pavilion dedicated to innovation willfeature research consortia supported within the sixth EU Framework Programme for Research and Technology development (FP6).

Three key FP6 projects will be in the spotlight: ACTECO - Eco-efficient activation for hyper functional surfaces, INTELTEX -Intelligent multi-reactive textiles and STELLA - Stretchable Electronics for Large Area applications.

INDEX is the world's leading nonwovens exhibition. Bringing together key players from every dimension of the innovative world of nonwovens, it unites leaders in all spheres of manufacturing, machinery, and raw materials supply with leading industry decision-makers, top purchasing and sales professionals and key marketers.

ACTECO- Eco-efficient activation for hyper functional surfaces
This project aims at new plasma processes that are able to bring innovative properties, leading to hyper functional surfaces with a lifetime matching that of the final product.

This breakthrough will be achieved by developing existing knowledge in plasma processes and functional materials in combination with new plasma systems. The radical innovation is to provide new tools for an eco-production adapted to specific sectors.
Partners: Europlasma, AcxYs Technologies, Muegge Electronics, Biophy Research, CSMA Limited, Jovertex, Luxilon, Biomatech, Sofradim, Diad, Tops Foods, Environmental Park, Nodal, Dow corning plasma solutions, DHJ International, IFTH, Centexbel, EU-Joint research Centre, University of Stuttgart, IPF, University of Pierre et Marie Curie, Clubtex, Eucomed, Industrievereiniging für Lebensmitteltechnologie und Verpackung, State research centre of Russian federation, Troitsk Institute for innovation and fusion research, Mat PlasMA Tec

INTELTEX: Intelligent multi-reactive textiles
The overall objective of INTELTEX is to develop a radically new approach to obtain intelligent textiles combining three innovative functions:
- continuous measurement of mechanical stresses applied to the textile structure,
- thermal self-regulated textile surfaces
- detection of chemicals (toxic volatile solvents…)

Partners : Nanocyl, Eurodye-CTC , Minerva , Protensive, Multitel, Arlen, Tissa, Dacon, EDANA, ALMA,ENSAIT, UMINHO, TUL, UBS, QMUL, IPFDD, CNRS, COMC-IHC, Peratech, FI-RI S.A, Colorific

STELLA - Stretchable Electronics for Large Area applications
The objective of the project is to provide a new technology for smart textiles. Typical applications are intelligent textiles and clothes, personnel healthcare or fitness monitoring.

The electronic systems for these applications have to be stretchable with soft touch nature in order not to hamper the comfort of the user and to be ideally almost non-noticeable to him. They should be reliably withstanding all mechanical and chemical requirements of clothes, in which they are integrated.

In the “STELLA” a consortium has developed a platform technology of interconnection, packaging and assembling technologies. For example a new generation of stretchable substrates based on non woven with stretchable conductor pattern for large area application has been developed

Partners: Freudenberg Forschungsdienste KG, Interuniversitair Micro-Electronica Centrum vzw, Technische Universität Berlin, Commisariat à l'Energie Atomique, Philips Electronics Nederland BV, QPI Quality Products Int BV, BE Semiconductor Industries NV, Verhaert New Products & Services, Laboratoires Urgo, Fundico bvba, Philips Innovative Technology Solutions