British Columbia Fashion Week goes public

March 27, 2008 - Canada

One of the most anticipated highlights of the BC Fashion Week Fall 2008 schedule of events will be the 2nd edition of the specially designed Generation Next show that will feature three finalists of the best up and coming Canadian designers.

The selected Generation Next finalists will be featured in a composite show presented during BC Fashion Week, where a final selection will be made and the enviable top prize of Generation Next Designer for Fall/Winter 2008 will be named.

The winner will receive a full package tailored to foster the fledgling designer: a sponsored fashion show, financial and marketing plans, public relations services, an editorial in a leading industry magazine, and more.

The Generation Next finalist show, presented in collaboration with Fashion High and Portobello West, will be held Thursday, April 3rd at 5:30 p.m. Finalists Carny Love by Christie Clayton of Vancouver, Lara Presber of Calgary and Marcy Ross for Morena Clothing of Victoria, will be proudly representing their home cities in a truly western Canada event.

Popular again this season will also be the “Dress Local” pre-show to be held starting at 4:30 p.m. Audience members are encouraged to wear Canadian designs for an opportunity to win prizes, in support of Canadian labels.

“Becoming a successful designer is a daunting proposition when you are starting out and we have an obligation as members of an active and healthy industry to mentor, nurture and encourage those new to the business - to become stronger,” states Vladimir Markovich, Creative Director BC Fashion Week.

“Generation Next for each season is tailored to give that extra hand to those that are not ‘playing at fashion’ but have a strong vision of where they want to be; talented but in need of some support and guidance to get them to that next level”.

Last season’s winner, Nicole Bridger, will be presenting her Fall 2008 collection on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in an individual show as part of her prize package from Generation Next.Winning, says Bridger, opened a lot of doors: “It helped us to be taken more seriously.”

As the countdown continues to the BC Fashion Week Fall 2008 collections, organizers released tickets as well to the second event of the week open to the public, in response to the increasing demand for events for public access.

Although a primarily business-to-business series of events, the public holds a critical role in the fashion industry and this party is in celebration of the total unified community.

Wrapping up the week of events will be the official After Party – Sound of Fashion – “Where Fashion Meets Music”, being held this season at the main stage for BC Fashion Week – the Chinese Cultural Centre in downtown Vancouver on Friday, April 4th. DJ’s Kit Kat, Nima, Resonance and Siavash Ashrafinia round out an exciting lineup of entertainment.

“Each season we are pleased to be able to expand and diversify BC Fashion Week to include more and more of the community that encompasses - even embraces - fashion in Canada,” enthused Debra Walker, Executive Director BC Fashion Week.

This season will once again see the live-streaming of the shows through partnership with Arc2 Intertainment. She continues, “the synergy of all of us working together, regardless of our day to day challenges, will be what amplifies our voice to the world and contributes to our overall vision”.